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Data Pro tection Virtual Summit 2020 – DIGIT

4th Annual Data Protection Summit\, organised by DIGIT Tech Ne ws and Events.


Part of DIGIT’s ‘Virtual Summit Series’  - An online and interactive series of te chnology events for IT &\; Digital professionals.


Link to Join:

Dates: Thursday 10th December 2020

Time: 8:00am to 16:30pm BST

Location: VIRTUAL SUMMIT - EVENT DELIVERE D ONLINE (link to join will be available via email and main event website for registered delegates)

Website: https://www.dataprotecti

Hashtags: MAIN: #dataprosummit  OTHER:  #digitevents #digitfyi #digitgoesvirtu al

Social media: Twitter| \;Linkedin| \;Facebook \;| \;Instagram   @ digitfyi


We look forward to welcoming you in the virtual world!



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